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The Cat Killer

Table of contents


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6





Chapter 1

Smith was in his room when he heard a noise. That noise was a loud scream from a cat. Smith got confused and moved out from his room. It was evening time and sky was filled with clouds. Weather was cold and he was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans. He had his cell phone and he switched on the torch function as the light outside the room was dim. He was not able to see any cat in the house.


He was living alone in his home and his home was not very big. His home had two rooms and a kitchen and attached bathroom. He was 30 years old and he was not married yet. He liked some ladies in his age group but he has not yet proposed any lady to become his life partner. He was moving outside the room and searching for a cat. There was a small portion open in front of rooms in which some plants were placed inside pots.


Smith was fond of gardening and he had made a small garden in which he has placed some pots with flowering plants. He had a hobby to give water to these plants on a regular basis. He liked to spend some time in company of his flowers and pots in his home. He saw a cat sitting behind a pot in his home garden. That cat was not alone and there was another cat neat to that cat. One cat was black and the other cat was white.


Those cats were looking at each other and screaming in different voices. Smith thought that these could be talking to each other in routine manner but their tone was not looking good. These cats seem to be fighting with each other without the use of their body parts. These cats were complaining about some things with each other. These cats were not happy and appearing to attack on each other.


Smith stood for some minutes listening to the talking of those cats in hope that these will take some action. Those cats ignored him and continued to scream with different tones of their voices. Smith became bore and angry with the cats and made a noise by hitting his foot on the ground. He was wearing sandals which were enough to make some noise to get attention of cats. The cats got afraid and ran in different directions.


Smith thought that the cats will never come back again and he came back to his room. He liked cooking as well and he used to make different types of food items at his home. He had plans to make soup for the night time.


Chapter 2

He had some powder for making drinking at his home. He had the items to make soups and he got in kitchen in order to make dinner. He gathered the things to make the dinner and started to prepare them. He made his dinner and took it to the room and sat in front of TV so that he can enjoy some program. He switched on the TV and started to check different channels. He got a stop on wrestling channel as he was fond of wrestling.

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