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The Escape

From the moment that I started to write which was back in high school and my first bit of writing actually got me sent to the school psychiatrist.

A few months after that I got my own computer and would write on that letting out my thoughts and my emotions that nobody else would see or hear as I was afraid to speak of them.

I always found my writing to be an escape, I knew all though out my life including when I was engaged for thirteen years that I didn't have anyone to talk to, the one who I was engaged to didn't want to hear it nor was she any help when I tried to open up.

So I continued to use my writing as my own personal outlet, anything that was on my mind, it didn't matter my emotion but I wrote about it, it was my own personal safe space.

For over a year I tried to sell them on every major platform but nobody was buying any of it, in October of 2020 I was talking about no longer writing but I continued to push things out even though I wasn't happy.

Then one day in early January 2021 I decided I had enough and I spent three days pulling all of my stuff from every major platform and opening up my own payhip account posting all my releases on this one store.

The Escape is my first release that was never seen anywhere else just payhip.

As I said through out this write up, my writing was always my escape I could write anything that was on my mind as it was easier than sharing it verbally as I always have had problems speaking my mind verbally.

So now I bring you The Escape my next step in the world of poetry.

I don't know where the world is going to take me or what my next journey will be or even if I will continue to write.
But this is the next step and I no longer see a path infront of me, nor do I see anything except emptiness as that's how I currently feel.

I don't think writing is providing me the mental release it once has, so if  you support me I thank you and I hope you enjoy these mental releases

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