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The rebirth of the infinitely great emperor

Chapter one: past and present
The night was dark, and he could not reach his fingers.
There were only the stars in the sky, but in the silent forest, there was no peace, the animals roared, the mountains shook, the trees swayed, and countless leaves brushed down.
There is a big barren mountain in the mountains, which is not high, about 1500 meters, but the trees are dense, rich in products, many wild fruit trees, every autumn, wild fruit trees hung with different colors, exuding attractive fragrance of fruit, and then, there are wild animals, ferocious birds, but also the source of meat for villagers.
There is a small mountain village at the foot of the big barren mountain. The small village is called Qin Jia village, and all the people in the village are called Qin. There are only more than 100 families in Qin village, with a population of about four hundred.
In a shabby hut in the village, there was a thin, dark figure, shrunken and wearing an old fur coat made of animal skins. There was no light in the dark room. He could not see his face clearly. He was not old according to his size.
Suddenly, there were two bright lights in the dark room. It turned out that the young man opened his eyes like two lighthouses.

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