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We Were Raped By My Doberman!

As Carmen and Vicky fought over who had the larger breasts, Carmen’s Doberman jumped in to break them up.

"Has your dog gone nuts?" Vícky snapped, looking at Carmen.

"You did it! Somehow you set him off!"

His bark shot through the room like a bullet. They looked into his eyes, trembling as they licked their dry lips and swallowed. It dawned on them suddenly that he desired more. Much more.


Carmen was so nervous she wrung her hands. She paced from one side of the spacious room to the other. Her large Doberman watched her as she muttered to herself.

"Max, do you think this will be the biggest and best party I've ever thrown?" Carmen nibbled her lip as she waited for her guests to arrive.

Her heart dropped when she noticed Vicky's limo pull up into her driveway.

"What is she doing here?" Carmen drew back her lips in a snarl.

"I have arrived to spice up the coming of age party. You're 18-years-old, but you aren't as well-endowed as I am." Vicky announced, her voice boomed off the walls.

"What are you doing here? I have larger breasts!" Carmen strode toward her and grabbed her by the shoulder.

"Hey! Get your hands off me!" Vicky slapped her.

"Get out of my house!" Carmen screamed at her, throwing her to the floor.

"Your home? It's your parent's place." Vicky grabbed her and ripped off her dress.

They toppled to the marble floor, clawing at each other like two battling cats. Max jumped to his feet and gave a deep bark.

The Doberman rushed over, knocking the women away from each other. He pinned them both on the ground.

"Max! What are you doing?" Carmen demanded, but he shoved his snout to her ruby lips.

His long tongue invaded her mouth. She kissed back, tingling with excitement at having a dog French kiss her. Her dog was so dominant and masterful she submitted to him. She had no choice.

She shivered and allowed him to shove his tongue inside her mouth. Carmen knew Vicky was responsible somehow.

"Kissing a dog! How kinky!" She sang.

In a flash, Max was on Vicky, growling at her as he stuck his large, long tongue down her throat. She resisted only long enough to be warned by his deep growl.

Like a slut, she took his tongue into her mouth. Wrestling with him, she played with it.

Max took his time ripping their evening dresses from them, leaving them naked as they day they were born. He studied them with carnal desire, making both women shudder.

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