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My Boss’s Big Hands On My Pregnant Belly : Pregnant Lust 6 (Pregnancy Erotica BDSM Erotica Breeding Erotica)

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My boss Mr. Eget has never been so caring before in my life, but now that I’m pregnant at nineteen it’s like he can’t do enough for me.  He the company to a day at a secluded beach he knows, but I’m the only one to take him up on it.

When I start to burn up Mr. Eget’s on hand to lather the sunscreen all over me, but he winds up getting a little excited in the process.  When he goes in the sea to cool off I ogle him, imagining him doing all kinds of things to my body.  The pregnancy has me hotter than hell and I’m not about to pass up an opportunity, even if it is my own boss.  Take me on this quiet beach, Mr. Eget, and give me the loving I could never get before.

Total Running Time = 35 Minutes
You will get a MP3 (48MB) file

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