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Loophole Trader: Trade minus Risk

Trade Betfair With Never Seen Before Method That Requires No Prior Skill.

In Fact, The Newer You Are to Matched Betting/Trading/Betfair, The More You Will Make!

Loophole Trader - Trade Minus Risk

People use the term 'underground' or 'secret' method a lot when trying to sell their products. It's tiresome I know. This time I present a challenge.

If after reading the rules you can find a pre-existing (i.e. can be proven to pre-date the release of this product, July 2022) single video, or free online resource (or even a paid course) that details a similar method to this one, I will return to you a month of subscription fees. I say this because when I started seeing serious profit from this method myself, I tried all the Google searches under the sun to find out why on earth no one else was doing it - to no avail! It's fairly simple, after all.

It grew from a small seed of an idea. A tiny, cryptic post on a fairly niche Betfair trading blog page. I was intrigued by the nature of it as the crude outline it briefly conveyed fit my criteria of seeming very low risk, but potentially high payout.

But the system did not work without a LOT of refinement, set odds and staking criteria, rules to follow to minimise risk. It took me months of head-scratching to get a system that seemed to work almost every single time. The times it did not work, the loss was trivial in comparison with the ledgers of profits made either side of it.

If you have bought all the trading methods under the sun and have seen no consistent profits from any of them - I can sympathise! So many videos on YouTube make it all look so simple. Rarely do any live trials follow suit. Let's quickly recap why that will not happen if you invest in Loophole Trader.

Is This Betting or Trading?


Loophole Trader is unique in providing the best of both worlds of Matched Betting and Trading, it is a cunning hybrid. A Loophole Trade makes steady profits without reverting to dangerous staking or trading on "a wing and a prayer". We remove almost all risk leaving it almost impossible NOT to profit long term.

Walk the Talk: I use the method myself and can show you the results. You will see hours of video of me making endless profitatble trades so that you are confident in how to respond to various market movements. There is no reason why you cannot do the same.

Simple concept: Easy to do after you have made a handful of trades, you will see how deceptively simple the whole method is and wonder why no one seems to have done similar on all the other online courses.

High Success Rate: If you have bought other trading courses, whether that be horse racing like this, or football or tennis, you will find your trading success is very up and down. Usually more down than up.

By contrast, after placing 400 trades my profit graph is a straight upward line. This is because this sequence boasted 89% profitable trades. In addition, my highest loss was less than £20. The highest profit by contrast was over £125! There is no reason why your profit graph would not look the same.

A Simple Principle that Improved Over Time

Last summer I sent this image of my Excel sheet (exciting!) to a mate with more than a bit of pride. As matched bettors who had long been gubbed by most bookies, we had both had been rather competitively hunting "the holy grail" of Betfair-based "loopholes".

Needless to say, as a statistics nerd, I kept a strict spreadsheet showing every single trade. A very nice profit graph that would be most 'straight traders' dream unfolded. With so many wins over so many bets, the method had moved way beyond being merely theoretically profitable.

This method largely depends on using an Exchange, preferably Betfair, but also involves bookmakers. Giving away more than that in this sales page is just going to be ultimately unhelpful, as you will think you know what to do, but really do not.

Your Purchase Gives You Full Access To Loophole Trader Course and All Bonuses


Your One-Time Purchase of Loophole Trader is non-refundable.

Can't make £100 within a week? - we'll guide you One on One until you do! Just email to claim this benefit.


You Mention Matched Betting. Does this need bookie accounts in good order (ie. 'ungubbed')?

Not necessarily. As a matched bettor myself since 2007, I was able to make profits at this still for many months. However, it is fair to say that the more bookie accounts that you have in good order, the easier this will be. I have also developed a Betfair Only strategy, built upon the core principles of the Loophole trading. The proofed results for the first 18 Betfair Only Trades profit just a few pounds shy of £100 based on £200 profits.

Not every "BFO Trade" results in a profit since no one can predict the Betfair market, but the principle is based on good logic.

The best bookies for this are: Bet365, Skybet, Paddy Power, Bet Victor/Parimatch, William Hill, Vbet, Betway, Livescorebet. There are a couple of others occasionally, but if you have an account in good standing with 3 or more of the above, you will have ample opportunities for profitable Loophole Trading.

Why sell your method if it makes you so much?

Good question. It's complex, see About Me FAQ section.

How Much Can I Make?

The short answer to this is that you can make solid money each week. If you have not managed to make a profit in any week, it would be such a surprise to me that I would encourage you to contact me so we can discuss what is going wrong.

Certainly, when I was trading with just Paddy Power and SkyBet to my name, £50 days were fairly common. If I'd had all the others too, £100 would have been a piece of pie, frankly. This is because I was prepared to put in the work.

It really depends on 3 things:

1) your availability during the day. If you have the patience to watch the odds you will win. Don't worry though, I will describe tools and techniques that provide sound alarms for when trade conditions are met.

2) how large your betting bank is (you can make significant profit with £500 or more)

3) yes, your level of matched betting in the past will impact how many trades you can get on. The less value and matched betting you have done, the better.

How difficult is the method to learn?

There are a number of rules that you will need to familiarise yourself with. It's pretty straightforward as a main idea though. Basically, no matter if the market moves up or down you can profit, but you need to consider a number of possible actions which will be thoroughly covered. When you join the Telegram group I will send you brief instructions on the trades and updates on what approach I would take as the market moves.

However, you should familiarise yourself with the basics anyway, or my daily instructions may confuse you. You will be confident after 10 or so trades on average.

Telegram tips will end 30th September, you will be able to 'go it alone' after this.

Will this work outside the UK?

Unfortunately, although Betfair accepts international customers including some parts of the US, bookmakers are often not so lenient.

Their operating licences tend to be restricted to customers based in the UK/ROI.

Unfortunately any customers outside are unlikely to be able to reap the benefits of the main method. Unless bookmakers from your own county can offer the same bonuses. You would need to find that out yourself.

That said, the Betfair Exchange only method would work for anyone who can open an account.

The same is true for In-Play Maestro.

Will I Get Rich Quick?


You will need to be alert, ready and committed to this to make it work. Short of coming round to your house and pressing the buttons for you, I can't really make it easier for you to make low-risk to no-risk profit almost every trade.

If you can commit to several hours a day watching odds, and being able to be in front of your computer and ready to go when you get the trade conditions then you will make profit. It's pretty much that simple.

If you can prove you are following my tips and the steps to take but are NOT making profit I will devote as much time on 1 on 1 sessions with you until you make enough money to cover the cost of the course.

This is going to all be over once we get gubbed right?

Absolutely not.

The main method may be a finite source of income.

But you are taking a course from a person seeking to continue the party. I am determined to find similar low-risk methods that do not require bookmakers.

The Betfair Only method is an extension of the logic used in the bookie version. It has made a strong start, and will continue to be forensically proofed much like the main method.

The In-Play Maestro on the other hand has literally nothing to do with the main method. Once more it is committed to low-risk though. Built into its very design.

Maestro & BF Only give you a portfolio to make low risk extra profit.

Get Your Full Access and Prepare for Loophole Profits. Once you know how to trade, your weekly profit should exceed the payment!


Your One-Time Purchase of Loophole Trader is non-refundable.

Can't make £100 within a week? - we'll guide you One on One until you do! Just email to claim this benefit.

What You Get With Loophole Trading

Make money online, quickly, easily

To many, the only issue is having enough bookmakers to make profit. If you are new to betting, or have done minimal or no matched betting, your profits will be fast, very fast.

In fact on several trades while we were live-tipping for the members via Telegram, there was realistically the option to make over £100 on a single horse. Why? Because up to 5 bookies had the same odds.

And in the course of trading that selection, we made £20 on just that one horse, per bookie by trading it in this unique way.

So, yes really, you could have made the entire cost of this system in... 10 minutes. On one horse.

Don't believe me? You'll see that trade, and many more like it, on the proofed spreadsheet inside.

Full result history, no backfitting

We don't need to backfit results because that just isn't how this works. There is no form checking or really any interest in the horse at all prior to the race. To remove all doubt, for members, the results of all trades that we advised for the first 6 weeks of tipping are available in course materials.

A full 25 people witnessed these trades. They were made in real-time on Telegram. There was no way of hiding how they turned out.

No surprise to me that it looks exactly like the ever-upward graph I got on my own trading! We stopped doing the graph after this as it was fairly pointless.

The graph was to reassure that you can't really lose money long term using the method correctly.

Eventually we will all be gubbed - it is understood - after we've made good money first.

No refunds

It is unacceptable for me to provide refunds on this product.

The simple fact is that if you purchase this method you will know how to make certain profits over any time so long as you have a handful of bookmaker accounts.

I do not want time-wasters to buy this course, only serious people who do not crave excitement but are prepared to do somewhat boring tasks to make profit. I didn't give up months of my life to give away my research for others to profit for free, sorry.

People who put the time and effort in will enjoy the freedom of being able to make money any day, anywhere.

You should know that, by purchasing this course content, the only way you would not easily earn in profits the course costs would be if you are not prepared to put in the work.

"One thing is clear - this system works"

Amy Harper

Do you like paying for your course in one day? That is eminently possible. However, if you do not make in Loophole Trade profits the money you pay for this course within one week I will offer 'one on one' coaching with you until you have paid the cost of this course!


Your One-Time Purchase of Loophole Trader is non-refundable.

Can't make £100 within a week? - we'll guide you One on One until you do! Just email to claim this benefit.


A game changing bot to make consistent profits in-play. This is an exciting new development that I have created for the more adventurous trader who is prepared to risk a little more.

A cohesive strategy is outlined and user-defined parameters will be available on the spreadsheet that automates your trades In-Play! Initial test results are nothing short of phenomenal. Also, most of our friends abroad can use this one. You only need a Betfair account.

This is a method that ditches our reliance on bookies entirely, instead using good old fashioned logic in making selections manually pre race. Then, in play, letting the bot work its magic. Some may love the Bonus even more than the main Product! Including jaded matched bettors.

In-Play Maestro

You just need Betfair for this.

In-Play Maestro lets you configure your own strategy but keeps things low-risk by applying a stop-loss of your choice.

You will use a bot designed for Gruss Betting Assistant (Betfair only version) to make these decisions far, far quicker than you could as a human.

In-Play Maestro already provides so many options to take advantage of events that skew the odds in-play during most races.

Very different from the main course, the good news is In-Play Maestro is nonetheless going to be expanded upon and made even more customisable than it is already.

People who seek responsive automated trading strategies will love this bonus.

Want a Betfair Only solution?

The Betfair Only version of Loophole Trader is now available!

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