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2023-03-22 Caroline - Hops to the doc - Part 2 (01-2023)

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Because the lift is not working Caroline must hop up the stairs to the doctor's office partially with help of the dance-teacher. She hops along the corridor and makes a stop in front of the doctor's office. She removes her right sneaker and flexes her tired right hopping foot before she enters the doctor's office. Some minutes later she leaves the doctor's office in a wheelchair and the dance-teacher pushes her around in the first floor and back to the stairs to go down to the X-ray room. After X-ray we see Caroline on crutches, she must crutch up the stairs and back to the doctor's office again with the socked foot in the air all the time.


Keywords: sprain, one shoe, sock, wheelchair, crutches, hopping

Format: MP4

Length: 9 minutes

Resolution: 1920x1080

You will get a MP4 (628MB) file

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