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Before starting out with this eBook, we need to know what the terms surrounding rich
marketer and poor marketer. This will help put everything in perspective. In today’s terms, a
rich marketer is someone who has access to different resources and utilizes them. A rich
marketer is someone who knows what it means to run a successful business and is able to
cater to the market in the wisest manner. The rich marketer understands the importance of
money and at the same time does not flinch from making an investment, either in improving
the quality of the product or in promoting the product to the market, because it is the
promotion that will bring in more money to do bigger stuff.
In essence, a rich marketer is a person who knows what the market is all about and gives it
what it wants. This helps the rich marketer to continue on the path of progress and go ahead
in business pursuits.
So, where does the poor marketer falter? The truth is that the poor marketer has access to
the same resources that the rich marketer has, but the problem is that the poor marketer
does not know about them. The poor marketer delves in ignorance, like the proverbial frog in
the well.
The world has undergone a drastic change in the 21st Century. Like in the feudal ages, the
world is no longer divided into ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. The demarcation is not so simple at
present. Today, the distinction is between the ‘knows’ and the ‘know-nots’. The people who
know how to implement the methods that they have access to and the people who do not
know about these methods, forget their implementation. This is what is creating the divide
between the rich and the poor today.
If you are reading between the lines, you will understand that the world of today has
resources for everyone. Everything is there for everyone to use. But, not everyone is using
those things in the way they should.
This is what we are going to see in this chapter—the divide between the rich marketer and
the poor marketer. We are going to see what inspired us to come up with this concept. We
will also see how the reality is true, in any age, but it is only the surficial aspects that tend to
change from one age to another.
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