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The Ultimate Guide to the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

When I was applying to medical school and received interviews with the multiple mini interview (MMI) format, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Despite researching online, reading other books I found on Amazon, and gathering information from friends, I did not fully grasp the true concept behind the MMI until attending seven of these interviews. With each interview, I got better in responding and learned from my mistakes from the previous interview. This constant real-life practice gave me enormous insight into WHAT it really takes to do well on the MMI. I noticed I was not able to find any of this information anywhere else, which led me to make this eBook.


I like to think that responding to a scenario is an art. I say this because everyone will be responding differently and will approach the situation at different angles. In the past, I have heard that there is not a single right answer, but there are many wrong answers. I disagree with this partially and would like to rephrase this. There is a common RIGHT approach to every scenario and there are many WRONG approaches you can take.


In this eBook, I will begin by explaining what the MMI is all about and later outline the PRINCIPLES that you should learn. The MMI is all about these principles. If you learn the main principle, you will confidently respond to the scenario despite the extra fluff or different details they provide. This is how you do well at the MMI.


Along with an explanation for each principle I have also generated key buzzwords that you should mention during your response. These buzzwords are what drives the response home. It is what makes the interviewer think, “This person knows what he or she is talking about.” 


Despite the explanations and buzzwords, I took the liberty to include numerous example scenarios and an ideal response for each. The best practice is dissecting these questions and their responses and learning the main concept behind each question. You will notice the frame of thinking, understand the principle, and recognize the lingo necessary to effectively answer each MMI question. This is how you build confidence.


I have also included chapters on the role-playing station, the teamwork station, the typing writing station, and a chapter filled with example scenarios you may practice on your own.


After reading through this eBook, you will be poised to attend any multiple mini interview and answer any MMI related question effectively. I am 100% confident in this statement.


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