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Audio book Who Is The Tigerman?

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Audiobook: Who Is The Tigerman? by Gordon Warden. Narrated by Antony (The Voice) King.

A dead newspaper mogul. An assassin who is being pursued by another hitman. A powerful politician's wife and her string of lovers. Not to mention DI Harry Black, who has his own issues.

When a professional assassin is given the task of eliminating newspaper tycoon Giles Cranberry, it’s just another job that requires one single shot.

Why then, is an extra body lying on the ground?

He quickly realises that there are other forces at play, forces that want to destroy his reputation and ultimately his life.

He has to use every ounce of his cunning to avoid the dangers that lie ahead and avoid being captured, either by his unseen foe, or the police.

He goes in pursuit of his enemy, but is he running towards danger?

Meanwhile, DI Harry Black is drawn into the equation. Having suffered a huge personal loss, Harry must quickly put his grief to one side to discover who hired the hitman.

His investigation draws him into a quagmire of political intrigue, a party leader’s wife, who has been offering sexual favours to other politicians behind her husband’s back, and blackmail and corruption at the highest levels.

In the meantime, spice is added to Harry’s love life which gives him a dilemma.

The story culminates with a dramatic face-to-face encounter, but with whom?

Who is The Tigerman? will take you on a breathless journey. You’ll be twisted, turned, and gripped until the very end!

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