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Employee to Travelpreneur

5 Mindset Shifts to Make to Go from Employee to to Travelpreneur with ease...

Ready to Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

Make Sure You Shift Your Mindset First!

The truth? Becoming an entrepreneur is an easy, natural transition for some people and a super stressful one for others.

It makes sense: Going from employee to entrepreneur requires giving up the good for a chance at the great. It requires taking full responsibility for your successes – and failures. And it definitely requires facing your fears head on.

(Did I mention it also requires giving up a steady paycheck, job security and a safety net in times of financial stress? Yeah, that, too.)

However, if you want to make your leap from the stuffy cubicle to a dreamy Bali coffee shop seamless and stress-free, don’t fret just yet...

The good news is most of this is mindset stuff, and if you make just a few key shifts in yours before you hop off the corporate ladder, you’ll feel much more prepared for the ups and downs and all-arounds of entrepreneurship–and have a much higher chance at long-term self-employed success!


✓   What an “entrepreneurial mindset” is–and why it’s so important to start working on yours before you say see ya to your 9-5.

✓   How to become a ninja-level problem solver–so you can cope with challenges like a champ when you’re the only one in charge.

✓   How to dissolve any fears around “not having enough” –plus 5 fool-proof actions to take to create more abundance fast. (These work even if you don’t “believe” in them right now!)

✓   The power of positive (yet realistic) thinking–and exactly how to stay calm & cool even in the toughest situations you’ll face as a travelpreneur.

Employee to Travelpreneur


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