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By Erika



I’M getting kinda bored of being a ‘fashion blogger’ and being called that. I want to use my platform to actually help other people/mainly girls but males welcome. I feel right now girls are being sent negative and confusing messages from our society and i want that to change. I know a lot of girls look up to fashion bloggers and call them their icons but honestly I don’t think we are people to idolise, as most things you see from me and other bloggers are filtered, edited and carefully chosen photographs and videos of ourselves that show our best side or most glamorous times in our lives (basically showing off our free stuff, fun shit we get to do, parties, expensive bags and clothes). We forget that these digital icons are real people, like you and me (they also forget as well) and we forget that Instagram and other social platforms aren’t real-life situations, its kinda fake tbh.

I get so many messages like ‘ah i wanna be you’ or ‘how can i be as skinny as you’, ‘i want your skin’, ‘how can i stop feeling so ugly’ or ‘how are you so rich’ and ‘i want to be a blogger your life looks so good and you have so much money and meet so many people’. Don’t get me wrong, i’m forever grateful for every nice message i receive but my life isn’t even that amazing, i’m not really ‘rich’ and things aren’t that easy for me. And it makes me so sad that other girls only aspire to look like other girls they’ve only seen on the internet and have other peoples lives instead of their own.

SOOOO i’m releasing a zine kinda thing next month which (the first issue) will have all my advice on how to survive things alone like uni, making new friends etc…

it will also feature some beauty tips, how to guides with contributions from other girls i’ve found on Tumblr who are inspiring to me and i feel can inspire others, there will be q&a things where everyone can submit questions and also advice and art work and whatever i feel can inspire and help other girls. I will put in images i don’t use on social media, images of myself, my friends, my clothing, my personal space, without editing or filters. there will also be personal ‘journal’ entries i’ve started to write about how i’m feeling on certain days about weight, fashion, blogging, health, food, etc just anything in life in general that will be completely honest and raw and that may help other girls out there as they might be able to relate!

it’s not gonna be a beautifully polished magazine kinda thing, just something thats rough and fun and creative!


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