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I Wish All Days Would be Like Christmas

I wish all days would be like Christmas is the third book of the Manila-trilogy. Christmas, in general, is considered the season of love. Ideally, love come before lovemaking! Our protagonist is a white foreigner living in Manila alone. For him, it could be or become a sad Christmas. Not too sad probably, because he is a strong man, who is  not afraid to live alone. On the contrary, he questions the purpose of his life and life in general. His philosopher role-models live or lived alone, not to be interrupted in their line of thinking. Maybe it is our fault to place them into an ivory tower, only because they were no so much interested in the other gender, which in the old days often might have been intelligent, but with a few exceptions lacked formal education.

There are other role-models maybe not mental giants with a high IQ but specialists in humans with a high EQ. Men who can handle inter-personal relationships very well. So well that it often ends up to their advantage.

As you know, Christmas is the season of love. When he is asked for bed and breakfast, love of the season commands him to agree. To agree with or without afterthoughts. Giving shelter to a stranger can be risky or full of surprises.

And what are you doing if a neighbor brings you Christmas gifts? Well, you can say “Thank you” and leave it there. What if there is karma? No, Karma is not sin, Karma is the law of balance. All you get has to be paid for. So, what if one thinks that there is karma and sooner or later all debts have to be paid for? How do you repay your neighbor's generosity and thoughtfulness? Giving them a gift at Easter? Or is there another way to balance it?

Is this all connected to our Christian upbringing or are there universal laws at work?

Sure, we can live without knowing the laws. In German, there is a well known saying: Ignorance does not protect one from punishment. The thinking and reasoning of Mr. P, our protagonist, has a lot to do with this ignorance! What about you? Is your master in your brief? Does its calling mute everything else? Or are you a person with a strong sexual desire but an equally strong mind? A mind that often is not willing to accept prefabricated answers, but wants to find his own truth?

If yes, then this trilogy is for you. If you just want simple in/out images created by somebody else, then there are more suitable books available!

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