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The Craft & the Crescent

This paper sets out to show the influence of Freemasonry in the Nation of Islam
(NOI) and the groups leading up to the NOI’s formation and those who rose out of
it. These groups were created out of necessity because of the unfavorable social
atmosphere towards African-Americans in the United States at the beginning of
the 20th century.
The groups that lead up to the Nation of Islam were the United Negro
Improvement Association led by Marcus Garvey and the Moorish Science Temple
founded by Noble Drew Ali. I will touch on each of these groups and show their
relation to the Nation of Islam and the influence that these two groups had on W. D.
Fard and Elijah Muhammad, the two men who are responsible for the creation and
development of the NOI theology.
Many books have been written about each of the groups listed above, so I will not
go into a great deal of their general history. I have listed a selected reading page for
further study. The order of Freemasonry is the grandfather of all fraternal
organizations and has had some impact on each generation. Freemasonry has been
segregated for most of its history in the United States, yet, its impact on both black
and white societies cannot be disputed. Many leaders of both races have been
members of this organization, and the teachings of Freemasonry show in their actions.
Freemasonry had filled a need in the two cultures of both black and white.
African-Americans have transformed Freemasonry into a social and religious sect
that continues to be a driving force in society today.

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