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Guide To Naturally Overcome Unexplained Infertility

By Elvis oswlad
The thing we can’t have is the thing we crave the most. This aphorism is never truer than when it comes to having children. Alarming new research, showing that a woman’s fertility begins to decline at 30- rather than 35 as had long been believed, has brought new urgency to the debate as to “right” age to have a baby. But given the fact that we live in an era where women put careers first and try for children later- in fact than at any time in modern history, it is not surprising to discover a burgeoning interest in natural ways of prolonging fertility.
There are many reasons for infertility. Understanding the cause of infertility is very important in deciding which type of therapy is best for your specific case. Be positive about your ability to solve your problem and learn as much as possible about your condition as you can. This knowledge will give you the power you need to help improve your situation and achieve a healthy pregnancy naturally. Many couples have achieved healthy pregnancy after years of failed fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization after changing their dietary habits, making significant life style changes, taking fertility vitamins and natural remedies and doing yoga and learning effective ways to release stress.
You can get pregnant naturally, even if you have endometriosis, fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, poor sperm motility, hormonal imbalance, luteal phase defect, irregular periods, poor egg quality, PCOS, etc.
It is about time that fertility doctors start listening to what scientists in the field of ecology, epidemiology, endocrinology and toxicology have been saying for years. Instead of IVF and fertility drugs, as a solution to infertility, women need a treatment and a cure that counteracts the harmful effects of hormonal disruptors. This is important not just for you, but for the daughter of your daughters to come.
In terms of baby gender selection, this offers the chance for a more balanced family and allows your children to feel wanted. A female child who knows that her family wished she were a boy carries an unnecessary burden throughout their childhood. As more parents choose their children with success, there will be more love to go round, less rejection, and a reduction in family size.
Whether you get a baby boy or baby girl depends on one simple fact. The sperm carries the genetic material called chromosome X or chromosome Y that determines the sex of the baby.
Do you want to get pregnant with a high degree of certainty to have a son or a daughter?
Can you be certain about it even before you conceive it?
Would you like to move on from 50:50 chances on gender selection to 55-65% or a higher degree of certainty which is beyond 98%?
These and more are what this book has set out to elaborate. To help achieve the desires and bring to the knowledge of couples and yet to be couples on what they should know and do with this information within the eBook.

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