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Imergenation Series (Audiobook mp3)

Imergenation Series (TTS Audiobook MP3)

Genres: Apocalyptic, science fiction, thriller, conspiracy, fantasy, philosophical fiction, horror, mystery

Length: 12 Hours 54 Minutes 00 Seconds

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Start Times:
(Hours: Minutes: Seconds)

The Statues: 00:00:15 or -12:53:45
The God / Thee: 00:43:00 or -12:11:00
The Story: 01:21:00 or -11:33:00
The Eclipse: 02:25:00 or -10:29:00
The City (Part One): 03:37:00 or -09:17:00
The City (Part Two): 04:47:00 or -08:07:00
The City (Part Three) 06:04:00 or -06:50:00
The Mountain: 06:50:00 or -06:04:00
The Waters: 08:21:00 or -04:33:00
The Light: 09:39:00 or -03:15:00
The Coincidence (Part One): 10:47:00 or -02:07:00
The Coincidence (Part Two): 11:51:00 or -01:03:00
Imergenation (Part One) 12:43:00 or -00:11:00

(There's less than a minute of space between each episode)

Imergenation: Episode 1 - The Statues
Starts at: 00:00:15
Synopsis: A group of space travelers, on their way home from a long mission, make one last stop to an unknown planet.

Imergenation: Episode 2 - The God / Thee
Starts at: 00:43:00
Synopsis: A teen, with a skeptical parent, wants to go on a road trip to receive their healing from a living god.

Imergenation: Episode 3 - The Story
Starts at: 01:21:00
Synopses: A group aims to win an International Natural of Reality Competition to save their dying grandmother.

Imergenation: Episode 4 - The Eclipse 
Starts at: 02:25:00
Synopsis: A family moves into a unique, remote location during an eclipse.

Imergenation: Episodes 5 -7 - Telecity
Starts at: 03:37:00
Synopsis: A new organization, seeking to expand to the entire world, offers cosmic energy helmets that allows people to physically manifest objects and teleport at will.

Imergenation: Episode 8 - The Mountain
Starts at: 06:50:00
Synopsis: 5 people wake up on a mountain with no way down and no memory how they got there.

Imergenation: Episode 9 - The Waters
Starts at: 08:21:00
Synopsis: A thruple goes on a smartboat cruise and gets lost out at sea.

Imergenation: Episode 10 - The Light
Starts at: 09:39:00
Synopsis: Scientists find out the sun is going to explode. They construct a machine that would allow them to leave the Milky Way Galaxy. However, the world is divided between the believers and unbelievers.

Imergenation: Episodes 11-12 - The Coincidence
Starts at: 10:47:00
Synopsis: A child is mysteriously born. The child grows up and realizes there's something strange about the birth.

Imergenation (Part One)
Starts at: 12:43:00
Synopsis: Meaning of Imergenation.

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