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“Superheroes” is the story of achieving human success, by using inherent superpowers that each and every one of us is born with. It is a fictional book, inspired by true life events; a suspense thriller that keeps the reader engaged till the very end. The story has elements of humour, romance and drama; beautifully sprinkled all through the journey, which makes the reading more intriguing.
This core essence of this book is to show that “Superheroes” are not mythical creatures with super powers and super human strength, but normal humans just like us. It proves that there is a
“Superhero” in each one of us. One just needs to identify and prepare this inner person to face the challenges of life with utmost commitment, focus and honesty.
The story revolves around a father (Nick), his twin sons (Ri and Ta) and their constant struggle to save their farm in a remote village (Sura near Gurdaspur, Punjab) from unlawful forces, the roots of which lie outside the country. It is this struggle that takes these simple villagers, from the bounds of their farm, to a foreign land -Cambridge and London. The fight there is not easy, the opponent is extremely powerful, but with sheer determination, good finally prevails.
The book strives to highlight how human values and character act as superpowers. It also proves that truth is a powerful weapon and if one stands his ground, the dark forces, no matter how strong, will eventually succumb. It will take time, perseverance and sacrifice, but in the end victory will be sweet.
This book will help the readers reflect on their inner self. It will persuade them to identify their individual strengths and transform these strengths into superpowers, which would help them achieve their life’s ultimate purpose.
For easy understanding, the book has been divided into two sections: the first is a story narrated by Nick to his sons; the second section is a third party account of the experiences of the trio. Every character in the book has an interesting role and every single scene has relevance with a thrilling and a gripping climax.


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