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Are you interested in earning extra money from the comfort of your own home?  There is a saying that one man's junk is another man's treasure! That treasure can be found on eBay.  This e-book is all you need to start using eBay to earn that extra money by becoming a power seller. By applying the information found in this book you will be on your way to becoming a successful eBay seller.

eBay provides you with a simple way to supplement your income, sell items you no longer want or need, liquidate an estate, or sell items from your collection.  eBay is a proven e-commerce site on the Internet that specializes in sales using an online auction method.  Since eBay appeared on the Internet in 1995 it has consistently generated its own profit and also promoted further success for online sellers and buyers.  EBay's proven formula for helping people sell their items works easily and is something that you can learn quickly.  EBay's website has everything you need to start your at-home business or simply make a few extra dollars by getting rid of those items around the house that you no longer want.

Once you have decided on a product that you would like to sell on eBay you need to find your market niche.  Do your research carefully and then follow the steps on eBay's website to register and begin selling.  It's that easy!

Selling on eBay is a great way to start your new business if you're willing to put in the energy and time to be successful.  One of the reasons that eBay is an excellent place to sell your items is because of a large number of people who visit eBay on a daily basis.  With such a large volume of customers, you are sure to sell any item.

The chapters in this e-book will provide you with step-by-step guidance to show you what you need to do to start selling and learn what it takes to become a power seller.  You will learn how to:

· Register at eBay so that you can sell your items.

· How to create an exciting and eye-catching item description.

· The benefits of selling using eBay.

· What items to sell and what sells fast.

· Where to find items to sell.

· How to build you seller's reputation.

· Tips for selling on eBay.

Table of Contents

p. 03 Introduction

p. 04 The History of EBay

p. 05 The Benefits of Being an EBay Powerseller

p. 07 The Workings of EBay

p. 09 Start Selling

p. 11 Seller Registration

p. 17 Listing your Items

p. 24 Writing Descriptions that Sell the Item

p. 27 Including Photos in your EBay Listing

p. 30 Rules for Selling

p. 32 EBay Store Fronts

p. 35 EBay Administrative Services

p. 36 What Sells and What Doesn’t Sell

p. 40 Finding Items to Sell

p. 44 Finding a Wholesaler

p. 46 Building a Powerseller Reputation

p. 49 Selling Techniques

p. 52 Selling Issues to Avoid

p. 53 Toolkits for EBay

p. 54 EBay Pitfalls

p. 55 User Agreement

p. 57 Unauthorized Copyright

p. 57 Conclusion

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