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Canterlot {Gloves}

From September 7, 2020 to October 31, 2020: 100% of ALL my pattern sales, here and on Ravelry, will be donated to my best friend and chosen family to help them restore their home. An estimate of over ten thousand dollars in damage has to be repaired out of pocket before it can be reimbursed by insurance and this is not financially possible for them. Please help them through this time. Thank you.

It has been an absolute pleasure designing this pattern. The simple lacework is created with the beginner in mind, with fully detailed abbreviations for each section. Easy to read charts accompany the written directions, but can be used independently, whichever style you prefer. A tutorial is provided to assist with the clever, matching stretchy bind-off. The pattern is condensed to as few pages as possible while maintaining the integrity of the design, so you don’t have to print on a ton of paper.

There is no cabling, very simple lacework, and the majority of the pattern is using the knit stitch (very little purling!) The glove is meant to fit somewhat snug and is “One Size” so if you’re at the higher end of the measurement, the glove will fit more snugly but you can easily adjust this to fit by going up a needle size from gauge. (So if you get gauge with US 3 needles and want a slightly looser fit, use the US 4!)

Tools Needed:

Needles Size US 4 / 3.50 mm (either double pointed or long magic loop will work!) or the appropriate needles to meet gauge. Remember to swatch in the round!
2-3 stitch markers
1 skein of DK weight yarn (you’ll use between 155-190 yards/ 142-174 meters) I recommend a solid, tonal, kettle dyed, or speckled yarn. A variegated yarn might work as well, and I think a self striping or gradient would also be stunning!
Yarn Needle & Scissors
A small bit of waste yarn, about 10” / 25cm

Samples are WolfyWool Yarn Handpainted DK in Fluttershy. The photos with white background show the same yarn used as the wood background, but are a different pair knit using the written extension that allows you to make the hand portion as long or short as you like.

In the fictional land of Equestria, there lives in harmony the Earth Ponies, Pegasus Ponies, and Unicorn Ponies, and of course, the princess Alicorn Ponies. When I first saw this yarn, I was immediately inspired to create a glove pattern than would marry the traits of all these ponies, and specifically join together all things that represent the friendship bond between the “Mane Six” ponies of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television show.

The bottom cuff begins with an elegant & exciting lace section to represent the gracious Rarity and the ever optimistic Pinkie Pie. The main body section is comprised of a background of simple stockinette with scattered lacey bits that resemble flowers or butterflies or even stars, depending on the color yarn chosen, and this represents the hard working Apple Jack and the kind and loving Fluttershy. The thumb designed very simple but topped with some spunk, like our good friend Rainbow Dash, and the hand part of the pattern is flexible, with options to grow and adapt to suit your needles while maintaining it’s composure, just like the bright-minded Twilight Sparkle. And gloves of course come in pairs and should never be made to be alone, like the bond of friendship, which gives a little nod of love and appreciation to Spike, the loyal companion to all the pony friends.

Canterlot is where the ruling Princess Celestia lives with her sister Princess Luna. An annual gathering called the Grand Galloping Gala is held there, for all the ponies to attend and mingle and meet the princesses! These gloves would be absolutely perfect accessory for any pony to wear to such a prestigious affair. (If they had hands of course!)

Endless gratitude and thanks to my testers for knitting such beautiful pieces of art, providing me tons of feedback and encouragement, and for being my friends. Because if there’s one thing the knitting community has taught me to believe is true in real life, and not just in animated television shows, is that friendship truly IS magic.

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