Delicious Crook Pot Recipes

by Forward Motion Team

So today let’s dust off the crockpots slash slow cookers slash whatever you want to call them and get them to magically make us something delicious (and easy, alway always easy) for dinner. Magic + delicious + easy: this is how we roll around here.

Let’s just address this right off the bat – there is absolutely a certain amount of food-fancy-ism in the cooking world related use of the slow cooker. Like, there are people in the world who are above it. I know, right? Does the slow cooker have a certain dowdy Midwestern vibe to it? Maybe a little bit. Maybe a lot. But does it make incredible meals that basically cook themselves? I repeat: INCREDIBLE MEALS THAT COOK THEMSELVES? Psh. I guess some people are too vain to appreciate this life-changing, time-saving magic, so we’ll just leave them be.

We, as a group of Normals, are going to be moving forward today with confidence, knowing that use of the slow cooker is one of the best ways to get an easy meal on the table AND surprise! one that actually tastes really good because that food, whatever it is, has been simmering into flavorful perfection all day long.


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