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Getting Out Of The Judgement Of Your Body

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In this reality there is a lot of insanty around bodies. We are taught from a young age to judge them, to try and make them perfect. When you judge your body, you limit what you recieve from it. What if your body could be your best friend. The creative partner for your life? This Audio Can Assist You... Undo the points of view you have about your body based upon mimicing someone else's reality with their body. Undo where your body is being the effect of other people's projections. Increase your level of receiving with your body. Undo anywhere you are fighting against your body or blaming it or hating it for things that have occured in your life. Step into being in allowance of what your body desires to be or look like. Clear trauma that you have stored in your body that is stopping you and. your body being in commionion and creating your life together. Reclaim yoru sexual energy. Awaken your bodies capacities that you may not be aware of. Clear where you are resisting being aware of entities which is causing stress for your body.
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