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Knocking Up My Sleeping Niece

As my sis had to attend to an emergency at her law firm, she was frantic to find someone to watch her drunk, passed-out 19-year-old daughter, Jessica, for a couple of hours.

I was more than happy to accept…


Strictly speaking, I didn't need to baby-sit my sister's daughter, Jessica. After all, she was 19. But sis had an emergency she needed to attend to at work and her daughter had been out all night drinking and partying and was currently passed out on the couch. She didn't want anything to happen to her while she was away and so she asked if I would look after her.

It was only for a few hours, she promised.

That was no problem. I had the weekend off and was in the middle of doing pretty much close to nothing. Besides, I liked Jessica. She was a rebel like I was.

Half-an-hour later, I showed up. Sis was already gone, but the key was under the doormat and I let myself in.

There's nothing better than having someone else's house all to yourself. Well, technically I wasn't alone, as I glanced at my gorgeous niece lying peacefully - but very much out of it - on the living room sofa.

I rummaged around the fridge, found some lite beer, grabbed a bag of chips and turned on Netflix on the big screen TV.

Sis worked in a law firm and made a decent amount of money. Her house was light-years ahead of mine and I'd always envied her.

That's when I realized that the only place to sit was the sofa - at least if I wanted to actually see the screen.

And the sofa was blocked by my naked 19-year-old niece. Why was she naked? Who knows.

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