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Fucked By My Rottweiler

I was done with guys! I deserved better and was willing to take care of my own needs to get it.

Maybe I’d get a dog. A large, furry Rottweiler from the pound. Maybe he wouldn’t replace a guy, but then again, maybe he would…

From the first electric kiss to the last pump of his seed inside me, I knew I had found everything I’d been looking for in a guy.

But in a dog.


With trembling fingers, I gently reached out to touch Jake's long, throbbing, veiny rocket. I'd never done anything like this before and was uncertain as to how to proceed.

I'd sworn off men forever. They were just too much trouble to deal with. But I needed something more than just my own fingers and imagination to keep me going.

I needed cock.

"That's it, boy..." I whispered softly as I stroked the Rottweiler's furry body as I grasped his throbbing red rocket in my uncertain fingers.

I'd only had him a couple of nights from the pound. He was a good dog, just needed a bit of training. I'd left my door ajar and as I was pleasuring myself, he let himself in.

God, what was I doing? A tingle of electric lust raced through my body as I grasped his cock. He held still as I began lightly stroking it.

"You like that?" I smiled and licked my lips. I had been half-way to an orgasm when he'd leaped up on the bed and started sniffing and licking my swollen, needy pussy.

Jake panted as I stroked his thickness. I snaked my other hand down to my slick pussy and began playing with myself. It felt so good to touch a man's cock again. Without all the baggage that came with one.

My heart thundered in my chest as I realized I wanted more. Could I? Should I? Would he let me?

Keeping a firm grip on his throbbing rod, I leaned forward and touched the tip of his dog cock to my lips. Butterflies filled my belly - this was SO forbidden!

I closed my eyes and pressed my cherry-red lips over Jake's weird-looking cock-head. It wasn't quite like a guy's, but I could look past that. I needed his throbbing shaft in me in the worst way.

Jake whined as I descended down upon his turgid shaft. His steel-hard rod throbbed needfully in my mouth and I found myself really getting into the idea of making out with a dog.

I fingered my slick pussy, thrusting three digits inside my steaming cunt, fucking myself as I pushed his rod all the way down my throat.

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