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How to Craft a Sales Letter that Sells

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“How to Craft a Sales Letter that Sells…even if you are a complete newbie”

You have a good product. You spend your hard-earned money on paid ads to bring your prospects to your website.  What's standing between you and the prospect's money is your sales letter.

If your sales letter sucks, you don’t get the sales. Your reader is going to 'walk' away from your online store.  Your sales letter is your 24/7 sales person. If it is not persuasive,  it is as good as having a dummy cardboard salesperson  for show. Your sales letter makes or breaks your sales.

Of course, you can outsource to a professional copywriter, but good copywriters don’t come cheap. At least a four figure fee for one sales letter.

But if you don’t have the budget, what can you do?

What if I show you a way to learn fast enough so that you can write a sales page yourself?

I will show you a structure that you can use.  I will give you the template with examples. Follow this structure and you can churn out a sales page fast and easy.   The structure is easy to remember.

The structure is a one-word acronym. It is simple enough so that you can remember the structure for the rest of your life. This means you can churn out sales letters that will contain all the necessary components, without fail every time.

I have studied copywriting from many copywriters for years.  I write the sales pages myself for everything that I promote. I don’t claim to be the best copywriters. I am not. There are many copywriters who can write better than me. But it is good enough to help me make a decent income.

I will reveal to you this sales letter template in my digital handbook.  Once you had order, you can download it immediately.

Here are the additional goodies you’ll receive:

Bonus #1: I will give you some copywriting manuals by expert copywriters. Through these books, you’ll have learned 80% of what there is to know about copywriting that can be applied to your business.

Bonus #2: I will give you my collection of the best headlines in the world which I had painstakingly collected over the years (85 pages). Plus 905 sexiest headlines in the world and the ultimate fill-in-the-blank headlines.

Bonus #3: I will evaluate one of your sales pages for free (this alone is worth more than the fee).

Bonus #4:  You have access to me via email, to ask me any questions about this topic.

Copywriting is the most profitable skill  you can ever acquire. Your ability to persuade and a close a sales is your lifeline.  Master it as if your life depends on it.

With this skill, I don't have to pay other copywriters thousands of dollars to write for me.   This template will shorten your learning curve.

Whenever I want money, I post a sales letter. I get a sale 99% of the time.  Write. Post. Make money.
You will get the following files:
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  • ZIP (16MB)

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