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7 - Day Juice & Meal Plan

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A wonderful recipe book for anyone wanting a guideline to eating healthier! You can use this as a cleansing and healing program to eat all raw juice and food for 1 week or as a starting point to help you learn and transition to a fully raw nutrition plan. You get a Seven day Juice & Meal Plan! There are 42 recipes in here combined including Desserts! All Natural Plant-Based Recipes with wholefood ingredients, nothing cooked, just food in its natural state already sun baked by nature! Learn how to make delicious dressings, sauces, main meals, desserts, smoothies and juices! Rosie nicely arranged 7 options for you to choose from for each meal! Plus you get some of Rosie's health tips and positivity to incorporate into your life right away!

You will get a PDF (30MB) file