44 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

by Karin Schroeck-Singh

You might know how to prepare for a face to face interview, but do you also know how to cope in a video interview in which many other important (technical) aspects need to be taken into consideration?

More and more employers are trying to interview people via video before they want to invite potential hires to a face to face interview. This ebook will cover everything you need to know in order to be best prepared for your video interview. You will find the following content:


- 31 Tips on what to do before the interview

- 100 Questions to ask a Recruiter

- 10 Tips on what to do during the interview

- 99 Questions a Recruiter might ask you and what they really want to know from you

- 3 Tips on what to do after the interview


Don't wait any longer and learn the crucial things in order to succeed in your digital interview. Good luck!



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