by John(JD)Adeagbo

  • Unlike all these American Dream Books..Whatever happen to the American Dream..Racism..Crime and the American Dream..Immigrants and the American Dream... This is a book about  ..what they already  know... Don't know about the American Dream! The  apple-pie (cover) concept.. was a phrase that represents the dream of one overcoming  adversities...troubles..failures... Fear ! Chiefly, living in love, abundance.. Prosperities.. Peace..Freedom..and..Joy! Briefly,  It is 100 and more  ways of in  actions..activities, as opposed to no  activities..responsibilities to   accomplished   their  dreams. A Truism book.. that will significantly, save  money.. time in contrast to wasting time.. and money.. living out their Dreams. Infact,   Let us truly, look at some quintessential facts,  if they ignored their dreams.(1) Don't know what to do with their  lives as a teenager... youngster 13- 25 age.. Clarity of Purpose, Chiefly, Joined the Peace Corps...Job Corps...Learned, practiced.. received hands on career training in any field..as opposed to wasting  money,  time. (2)By the same token,  Don't know what to do as a teenager.. Adults 18-25 years old, confused, looking for a specific career..future..Life !   Notably, Joined the Military. Great  benefits.In short, not to minced words...  most dignataries..particularly, Pragmatic World leaders..  Virtuous Men and Women, Public Officials.. Honorable Prime Ministers.. Presidents..  Politicians... CEOs..Noble Law Enforcement Officers.. Judiciary. If not some..all in all, have  military backgrounds.. They, Chiefly  used their experiences   as opportunities, assets, stepping stones to run for Office.. Public Officials. Public Trust . Chiefly, Representing, protecting, serving  their communities.. citizens.. nation with Honor, pride and dignity. The  next Phenomenon.. Formidable  World leaders...  Visionaries..Trendsetters. The Obamas..  Kennedys..  RonaldReagans...  Clintons... Bushes... Carters...Abraham Lincolns..LBJs...FDRs.. Not to mention, Distinquished Charismatic Human Rights Activists... The Great Malcolm Xs... Dr Martin Luther king Jrs.. Rosa Parks..To name a few.. Lastly, in closing, This  Action book, gives them.. the transformation,  Prerequisites,  self  growth..directions   to accomplished their dreams. Inextricably, not making their world bitter, divisions..Wars.. Murderers....Gangsters..Calamities.. Poverty..Fear !  But, Even More important, Particularly, Better impacts..irrefutable legacies..Empowerment.  Unprecedented victories upon Victories..Justice . Peace..Freedom..  Magnanimities..Prosperities..  Uniters.. Joy  to  the Nation, Next Unborn Generations. The American Dream.Limited Edition. $ 199. 99. Ebook $49.95.      TRUISM INTERNATIONAL   JohnAdeagbo.com

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