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Meditative Catharsis

By Pramod D Bajpai
Suppression is psychological. You are disrupting the entire mechanism and suppressing the energies that will explode any day.

The energy is there, you simply have suppressed it. It hasn't moved, it has not changed, and you have simply suppressed it.

It simply moved to the sides. It will wait and will become perverted and perverted energy is the basic problem with the man.

If a man is afraid, his stomach is not adaptable. You touch the stomach, and it is like a rigid object. If he becomes fearless, relaxes his stomach immediately.

Or if you relax the stomach, then the fear disappears. Massage your stomach to rest, and you will feel fearless.

A person who loves has a different quality. A person who does not love is cold. Physiologically Cold-and other things have moved the body and they become obstacles, they do not allow you to know about the body.

But it still goes into the body from working in their own way –the rift is created. The rift has to be broken. Anxiety and hidden anger are one of the major causes of fast ageing process.

Make a routine of 20 -30 minutes morning Meditation program for your chosen techniques.

Anger is to be released through hands and jaws. Fasten your fist and jaws with your maximum efforts and then release it together with deep breathing. Then the energy is released so burdened.

A psychological illness is a by product of energy. Then it will be like a form, such as forms, which are not even conceivable, and in the form they will try again to be revealed.

And when it is expressed in the form of a distorted, it brings you into the suffering very, very deep, because there is no satisfaction in the form of a distorted.

And you can't keep notwithstanding, you have to express it. Repression creates a diversion.

The body has three layers of energy. First is for daily affairs, which is very easily exhausted. It is precisely for routine work.

The second is deeper and it is meant only for the emergency moments. If there is an emergency or sudden event, you will feel new serge of energy. And third is the infinite cosmic energy.

In the morning it is fresh but in the evening it has been exhausted as all day long you have used it, it must now repair and you need to have a sleep.

From the cosmic reservoir can once again gain energy enough to work.

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