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Libertocracy - Reinventing Democracy


Ordinarily, defining “democracy as the government of the people, by the people and for the people” looks harmless, inspiring and promising. In practice however, democracy has not been the government of the people and by the people. Involvement of political party system in constituting government disallows people from owning it. It is the government of the ruling political party (or parties) and not the people. Party system is a political veil, an ideological insulator separating the people from a government that ought to be theirs. Whether it is called Labour Party, Conservative, Social Democratic, Republican (or Grand Old Party), Peoples Democratic Party or All Progressive Congress, it does not represent any area of need of the society and so it is irrelevant in any nation. Political parties are leeches on the spirit of democracy. They hijack the institution of government and usurp the position of the people. Party system is a cankerworm to the stem of Democratic practice. It prices democracy above the reach of the majority of the people in a nation. It reserves its platforms for the super - rich, party henchmen and privileged individuals. Parties breed and corrupt politicians who in turn corrupt the civil servants, electoral umpires and the judiciary. How to eradicate corruption in politics, attract widespread and qualitative participation in governance and make government belong to the people in word and action; in orientation, principle and manifestation are contained in Libertocracy : Reinventing Democracy. With LIBERTOCRACY, ethnic groups within a nation can be easily integrated; nationalities across countries unified and races across the globe desegregated. It is the panacea for continental, sub-regional and confederations like European Union, African Union and United Nations.

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