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Taking A Chance

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Taking A Chance is Book Three of A Chance At Love Series. It can be read as a standalone.

genre: contemporary romance
tropes: #enemiestolovers #nextdoorneighbors
heat level: 3 spicy peppers

Cora Reed has the worst luck in love. She’s gone on nearly sixty first dates in the past two years, with no end in sight—and at this point, no hope for the future.

Dating life aside, her five-year plan is right on track. She has great friends, a successful business, and…the luxury of falling asleep alone on her couch as much as she wants.

Unfortunately for Cora, her playboy neighbor is a constant, frustrating reminder of everything she’s been trying to avoid in the online dating world.

Declan Walsh parades different women in and out of his apartment, day and night. After declining his invitation years ago, Cora isn’t afraid to tell him exactly what she thinks of him—which isn’t much.

He doesn’t mind, though. He lives his life the way he wants and makes no apologies for it. Sure, he’s tall—and extremely hot—but she won’t let that fool her. She has no time for his antics.

That is, until her perceptions of him begin to unravel. Soon, they find themselves hating each other a little less—and making out a little more.

But when a misunderstanding threatens to rip them apart, both must decide: Is love worth taking a chance?

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