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AFRO CHINA: The African Diaspora In China

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Did you know that China has the largest African migrant population in Asia? They mostly live in a Guangzhou, also known as 'Little Africa' or 'Chocolate City'. Although this is relatively new, trading between Africa and China goes back to the 7th century during the Tang dynasty, when Arab traders brought enslaved Africans, referred to as 'Kunlun', to China.

This book provides a compact look at the history, culture and contribution of the African diaspora in China! Highlights of the book inlcude:
  • Key information on the black community in China, past and present
  • Notable individuals
  • Vibrant illustrations on every page
  • Accessible for all ages
Download your copy today for just $4.99 (less than you would spend on lunch!) and help 'Freedom Is Mine' to continue educating people about black communities worldwide!
You will get a PDF (14MB) file
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