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Are you planning to move to Valencia, Spain? Is it taking you a lot of time to do all the research?

I've done exactly that, four years ago, when I was in your shoes! In my e-book Your Guide to Moving to Valencia, Spain, you will find lists of all the great neighbourhoods and recommended out-of-town areas to live, advice on healthcare, finding work or generating an income in Spain, and how to find friends and feel at home straight away. This guide will be an excellent place to start, to make you feel more empowered and ready to make your dream a reality. 

With this e-book of 32 pages, you will feel better prepared for your move  and less worried about what's to come!

  • What neighbourhoods and out-of-town places are attractive for expats
  • How do you feel at home quickly
  • How to find work or set up as self-employed
  • Spain's self-employment taxes
  • Healthcare info
  • Cost of living
  • List of handy links

I've been in your shoes, and trust me, it can be done. Take it one step at the time, and you will soon be sipping your coffee on your own terrace in sunny Spain.

Hasta pronto!


Book review of my other e-book Moving to Valencia, Spain with Children:

“Moving to Valencia with kids? Nina’s e-book is a good place to start. It answered quite a few questions I had (mainly about schools) and is full of really great tips to make the transition to another country, easier. Also, it’s full of wise advice and Nina is good at managing expectations. Moving to a new country is not easy so I can relate to the gentle warning words of “taking it easy” and being kind to yourself when you first get there. All the main subjects of concern (schools, bank accounts, healthcare etc.) are covered. Nina’s book is as reassuring as it is exciting! Can’t wait to start our own adventure! - Cecile M, London

You will get a PDF (61MB) file

Moving to Valencia, Spain, with children