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5 Steps To Twitter Success

By Christopher Brian Fello
Are You Ready To Grow Your Online Business By Tapping Into The Wealth and Depth of Web 2.0?

You Already Know That YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook Are HUGE, But Do You Know What Is The Fastest Growing Web 2.0 Website On The Planet? Are You Using And Profiting From It?

If not, you can be, so please pay attention...

Dear Internet Marketer,

I was Skyping with my mentor recently about traffic, sales, trends and how we could stay in front of our competitors. My mentor is one of the most noted and highly respected marketers around, so you know I was really listening to everything on his mind. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I was literally hanging on every one of his words.

Let me be blunt, I'm no guru, but I am a fast learner. And if there is one thing that I have learned in my three years of being an internet marketer, it is that there is no reason to "reinvent the wheel". I have learned that if I can find something that works well, I can replicate it and make it work well for me.

Good thing I was listening, because this conversation would soon change how I viewed internet marketing. Here's why... About 30 minutes into our conversation, I brought up the question of what he thought what was the most powerful Web 2.0 site around. Without hesitation, his reply was "Twitter". "Twitter?!", I thought to myself, "Isn't that that site where people post little mico-blog comments about what they are doing?" Surely he must be mistaken! Fearful of admitting my own ignorance, I made up some lame excuse about needing to go and soon ended the conversation.

After siging off, do you know what I did? Of course you do! I went and jumped right into Twitter-Land. I grabbed every resource I could find...I read all the Twitter-ish posts on the WF...I lurked among as many forums having anything to do with Twitter as I could...I went out and began teaching myself about what makes Twitter work and even more importantly why does my mentor think so highly of it. I even tweeted! :-) It was full immersion time!

Along the way, I had a great conversation/interview with one of the 'nets foremost authorities on Web 2.0 social sites, Dr Ron Capps. Ron, aka the "Niche Prof" knows his way around Twitter and he agreed with me to make our conversation/interview known to anyone who wants to begin using Twitter to help grow their internet business.

Take a look and see what people have to say about this interview:


"Anyone who hasn't mastered what Twitter is and why they need to use it, should definitely read your interview."

Rob and Robin,

5 Steps To Twitter Success was an excellent

interview with Dr. Ron Capps. Ron explained

the PROPER way to interact on Twitter and other

social networking sites, both for business and


He shared a number of tools that I had never

heard of before but once I checked them out,

I will be using them Smile

Anyone who hasn't mastered what Twitter is and

why they need to use it, should definitely read your


Thanks for an information-packed gem.

Willie Crawford



Hi Robin and Rob,

I've just finished reading "5 Steps to Twitter Success".

You have pulled some great information from Dr. Ron Capps.

This book has taught me new ways to use Twitter.

Thank you, great interview.

Chuck Burke

TIMIC member



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What is the biggest mistake to avoid on Twitter

How you can effectively use Twitter to find Joint Venture partners

How you can use Aweber in combination with Twitter AND a BIG mistake to avoid

What you need to be sure NOT to do on Twitter

And so much more...

OK, so there is more than 5 steps... I told you it was a powerful interview!

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Why Twitter Can't replace Your Blog

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