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Highland Chances - a heart-warming, feel-good chick lit book set in the Scottish Highlands (ebook)

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“But, but, but what will you do with Highland Tours! No, not Highland Tours. Highland Handsome Tours, remember? Best Outlander experience in Scotland. You, number three on ‘the man my partner would give me a free pass to sleep with’ list and I don’t even mind!”

Newly married and blissfully happy, Gaby and Jack are looking forward to another summer of fun in the village of Lochalshie. But there are clouds on the horizon.

The Lochside Welcome is at the heart of the community—where the villagers gather to meet, gossip and eat Scotland's finest pizzas.

Now, it's under threat. The landlord's ill, business has dropped away and the hotel at the other end of the village keeps muscling in, scooping up tourists, weddings and even locals...

Can Gaby and Jack save the day? What with the ever-increasing work demands, rival hotel owners not above dirty tactics and the small matter of a life-changing event our couple are woefully ill-prepared for, it's all hands on deck to try to ensure the Lochside Welcome survives another day...

If you love heart-warming, feel good fiction books that come with a side order of laughs, you're in the right place. Highland Chances is the perfect read for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Jill Mansell, and those looking for books like Marian Keyes.

Praise for the Highland Books series:

‘It's sweet, funny, bubbly and happy, even when it's dramatic and poignant. You'll fall in love with this place and scan the online maps to try and find it. If you love romance, and who doesn't, you'll fall for this series as much as I have. A feel-good witty romantic novel that ticks all the boxes. I already want the next one.’

‘Great storytelling with characters I really warmed to.’

‘The Highland Books Box Set… are a good read. They are also fun to read. The characters are your friends that you care about and want to succeed. You travel with them to Scotland and find more characters you enjoy and feel for. The stories are entertaining. Reading all three books was a lively journey that I recommend.’

‘This is a great series with warm wonderful characters, the perfect Highland setting, some hilarious events and one very hungry cat. Highly recommended.’

The Highland Books frequently asked questions:

Do I need to have read the other books to understand this one?

You might want to, or perhaps you already have. But I’ve added in a list of characters and a bit of back story throughout so you can understand the book even if you haven’t read Highland Fling, Highland Heart and Highland Wedding.

What makes the books worth reading?

Good question! I like to think I provide light-hearted escapism and relatable characters that readers will care about. I throw in a dash of comedy. We all need a bit of laughter at the moment, don’t we?

My books are on the storytelling platform, Wattpad. To date, they’ve had more than 200,000 reads and a lot of comments from readers who love them.

Is the setting of the story important?

My stories are set in a fictional village called Lochalshie, which is loosely based on Arrochar in the west coast of Scotland. Scottish stories often chime with readers craving books with a strong community feel to them. The ‘village’ feels almost like an actual character to me.

Why are the cats in your books so spoilt?

I’m a huge cat lover and have two of my own. I think other cat lovers will recognise behaviours such as talking to your cat in a silly voice, buying them expensive food, overfeeding them and allowing them to sleep wherever they want. Nowadays, I have two cats my husband and I adopted from the local animal shelter. It’s a bit of a squeeze getting into bed at night…
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