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Salacune Art Pack

Salacunes Art Pack! 

Contains art from 2013 - 2018 from the chubbiest to the pudgiest of Pokemon, Digimon and all around cute creatures.

Art pack includes: 884 files, some may be duplicates but I've taken as many out as I recognised. Unfinished WG comics, unseen sketches and more!

There are a number of SAI files (8) which contain only the line art for some drawings, so you're able to colour them and shade etc. how you wish! 

You're welcome to do whatever with the artwork but please do not:

  • Sell it
  • Repost without credit 
  • Share this pack for free

For all intensive purposes please do not consider this SFW, there is no 18+ content but you'll get some weird looks if you pull this out at a family gathering. 

All sales go towards buying new furnature for my new house! If you want to donate more then please use: 

Thanks so much guys and be sure to @ me on Twitter (@SaIacune) with your favorites (Linking this pack of course so others can buy).

- Salacune

You will get a RAR (466MB) file

$ 5.00

$ 5.00

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