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Confession of Sin - Book 2

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A brutal killer with a grudge against the Catholic Church and a secret admirer with deadly intentions begs the question, can God really protect the flock?

Lieutenant Damien Kaine stands over the mutilated body of a priest. A note left by the killer indicates the Catholic Church is hiding horrible sins, and the killer wants those sins paid for in blood.

After another priest is brutally murdered, the Church blocks Damien from getting the vital information he needs to shed light on the killer’s identity. Making it clear the Church will protect themselves. Even if it means protecting a killer.

As the body count rises, Damien must also deal with a secret admirer. Someone who wants Damien all to herself. And who will stop at nothing to get his FBI girlfriend, Dillon, out of the way.

Damien will protect Dillon at all costs, even if it means making choices that go against protocol. But what Damien doesn’t realize is those choices will have an unintended outcome. Placing Damien in a situation with deadly consequences.

*This series contains adult language, adult situations, and graphic descriptions of crimes and crime scenes. Intended for over 18.*

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