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Hi, Made you look :)

As smut writers we rely on our dedicated fan base to support us. I am no exception. Come join me and support my writing.

I write and publish a lot.

but then you know that. So I set up a subscription deal where you get, just what you want. I know some of what I write can be triggering, So I set up the tiers to give you just the slice you want.

Choose a pricing plan

(BASIC) Just the Hotwife, Cuckold (no sissy) and Cheating stuff

per month
Get to see my stories, wherever they go first and even give comments. You get to see them with the pictures I wish I could use elsewhere. But this sub is for those who just want the alternative marriage set (hotwife, cuckold, cheating) that I am known for.

(BASIC+) Just the shorts! (Including con-non-con, Family, Free use, LGB, Sissy Cuck and other edgy stuff)

per month
Just like the shorts tier, but this also includes all the stories from the tame to ultra-edgy. Many of which are exclusive to this service, as they get too explicit for some mainstream distributors for the mainstream, or the content is a bit beyond the folks that like alt-marriage.

(PREMIUM) The shorts, Video Micro-fictions, and the dirty books.

per month
You get it all, everything I produce first. Books, Stories, exclusive and distributed in all the flavors. You also get personal stories and Q/A with me... All the smut my fiction is based on. 

(Free) A weekly story to see if I can hook you.