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Dragon Trouble

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A geneticist binge-watched too many episodes of Game of Thrones. Now, the world has a dragon problem. 

From early morning demands for food to missing pets, Samuel has had enough. 

But, since it’s illegal to harm a dragon, Samuel’s going to have to find another solution if he ever wants life to go back to normal. Luckily, he might have unwittingly woken up with the key to solving everyone’s dragon trouble. He just needs use it before he becomes a dragon's breakfast.

Full of off-beat humor, Dragon Trouble pits man against beast with a decidedly different twist.

Want to try a sample? Here you go....


Ah, hell. 

The dragon’s back. 

Always the damn dragon. We used to complain about squirrels raiding our feeders. We used to whine that pigeons were little better than rats on wings. We used to consider mosquitoes a nuisance.

But that was before the dragons.

I pull the blanket over my head in a feeble attempt to block out the sound and try to go back to sleep. Spring is the worst. All those little baby dragons hatching and demanding to be fed by their very doting and very persistent mothers. I remember when blue jays used to be the morning menaces of springtime, showing up outside your window the minute the sun brightened the sky then squawk, squawk, squawking until you tossed a handful of peanuts into the bird feeder for their breakfast.

Those were the days.

The sound comes again. That rasping grunt. A chuff I think they call it. In Dragonese that's just a playful whatcha doin’ sleepyhead? sound, but if I don't get up soon she’ll–


Damn! I slap my hands over my ears.

"Go feed her," my wife says, kicking me with cold feet as the dragon screeches again. Why the hell didn't I put my earplugs in last night?
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