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Shortcrust Pastry - Getting Back to Basics

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This ebook was created to support both beginners and experienced bakers. It offers a practical guide to help beginners get started and enable experienced bakers to revisit the basics, possibly rediscovering forgotten techniques along the way.

By grasping the basic steps of lining tart tins, resting the pastry and blind baking, you will improve your shortcrust pastry-making skills and better understand why things go wrong.

If you have trouble lining a tin with pastry or find it shrinks during baking or is too tough to enjoy, many of these issues can be resolved by following the basic steps in this ebook.

As soon as I understood and applied these rules, my baking improved significantly. This is what works for me. I am here to help you get back to basics, improve your shortcrust pastry-making skills, and enjoy making delicious recipes.

With practice, making shortcrust pastry will become second nature.

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