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Difficult Conversations Just for Women: Kill the Anxiety. Get What You Want.

2019 EDITION    

From Publisher's Weekly Review: 

"From the very first chapter, readers will know that they have stumbled onto something valuable, beginning with the authors’ advice about the importance of not avoiding difficult conversations aimed at changing another person’s behavior . . . Any woman who picks up this book will feel inspired, upon reaching its end, to courageously speak her mind.”

From Reader's Favorite Review: 

"Difficult Conversations Just for Women: Kill the Anxiety. Get What You Want carries a message that every woman needs to know, especially in this day and age; an expert guide on handling difficult conversations. The title of this book may lure readers into checking it out, but they won’t be disappointed. What is most interesting about this book is that it offers just what readers need to know. . . No fluff, no babbling."

From Missouri Life Magazine Review: 

"Quick reading. Entertaining . . . Full of stories . . . Women learn to raise their confidence and tame the fears that prevent them from asking for what they want . . . Proven techniques. Groundbreaking research."    

The strategies recommended for men won’t work for women. 

Men will be called leaders and women who do the same things will be called “bossy” (or worse). If she says "I feel" she may be considered hormonal. 

That's why other conflict-management books shortchange women in two crucial ways:
  1. First, they fail to acknowledge and address the challenges that women face, but men don’t. (And I’m not talking about having to turn a banana sideways when eating it in public.

  2. Second, other books neglect to explain that many of the strategies they recommend—when followed by a woman—will carry backlash. 
Research shows that, when it comes to confronting others or asking for what they want, women tend to be seen as either too soft or too hard, but never just right (like cheap hotel mattresses), and that while assertive men are admired, assertive women are disliked (and judged more harshly).

Research also shows that when they negotiate, women more than men need to validate their requests, and if seen as too demanding they are penalized, especially by older men (which most senior executives are).  

Those and many more are the reasons why many women avoid confrontation at all costs (unless they're cornered), make fewer requests for themselves than men, and end up not getting what they want or deserve. 

This book is based on scientific research, and it has been written just for women. Presented in a lively and entertaining style, DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS JUST FOR WOMEN gives women specific techniques and wording to feel confident before, during, and after a difficult conversation, and to tackle confrontations effectively.

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