The Beginner's Guide to Todoist

by Thomas Mailund

We live in a busy age where we are constantly working on projects in parallel -- whether it's at work or in our personal lives. However, it can become overwhelming or downright stressful to keep track of all we want to achieve. A surprisingly simple way to increase your productivity while reducing your stress levels is to use a simple todo list. By breaking down a complicated project into simpler tasks and then breaking these down further until each task is manageable, we take the first step in reducing the complexity of a project. It may seem simple, but by keeping a written list of your outstanding tasks, you are offloading the job of remembering these tasks from your active memory. This clarity can reduce your stress levels and make you feel more in control of your projects.


Using scraps of paper as your todo list has its drawbacks, however. It is easy to forget to bring the list with you when you’re out; updating the list means rewriting it on a new piece of paper; it’s easy to lose the list or destroy it in the wash. That’s why digital todo-list managers are an attractive choice. Todoist is a prime contender in the market of online todo list managers, its basic features are free, you can use it across many platforms via the web or its many apps, and it integrates with more than 50 online services. This booklet is an introduction to Todoist that will guide you through setting up an account, creating, managing and completing your tasks and projects, and integrating Todoist into your daily workflow.

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