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Discover your life purpose in 21 days

By Oma Attas
If you had all the resources at your command, how would your life be like?
Well that is a question that most of us should spend a little more time on to have a discerning taste for our desires.

"Desire is the starting point of all achievement" Napoleon Hill

Get your mindset fixated on one dream, a purpose that redefines who you are.
Let this be the beginning of all your future achievements in life. If you had just one shot to make all your ambitions come to life what clarifications would you make for your current reality to weave into the fabric of your aspirations.

Today is a time for you to put a little effort to prepare the arrival of what was meant to be yours. Growth is your choice; you have to consciously decide to be better today. Measure your improvements so you can lean back against the data of your past achievements.

Somewhere in your life you will have to realize the inevitable truth: the only person you can rely on to fulfill your life-purpose is you! And if that decision to be self-reliant is not made soon the rest of your life will be lived in an illusion of hope. You start playing the blame game and pointing fingers when things are not going your way. The optimum solution is to stop blaming and start finding your direction in life let this book assist you on your journey.

This book should be read several times to get the most value out of it, try to complete the exercise in the best manner filling in the blanks with what feels authentic to you. The more you give of yourself and engage each profound phrase and assimilate its lessons in your life the more benefit it will bring you.
Enjoy the book, may you discover what on earth you were meant to do and bring the world the gift that it truly deserves: your Life-Purpose fulfilled!

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