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Waist Trainer & Shapewear Vendor List

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Biz Ownhers holds itself to the highest standards with our top vendors list. We offer resources and services to help you start your business. Let us help you launch your dream business TODAY!


The Shapewear and Waist Training trend isn't going anywhere. In 2018 the US Shapewear industry was valued at 744.9 million dollars and it's projected to reach over 1 Billion dollars by 2025. Let's face our desire for snatched waists isn't going anywhere which is why getting into the Shapewear business is a great idea. 

I've sourced the top vendors from all over the world including countries such as Columbia, China, and here in the US, many of them offer private labeling and customization which is great for branding your products. Not to mention some of the vendors offer dropshipping services.
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