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Messages from the Council of Angels and The Pleiades: Higher Frequency Information to Guide You Into the New Golden Age

Journey with Goldenlight, The Council of Angels and the Pleiadians on a higher dimensional voyage of discovery as the Earth enters into the New Golden Age. A compilation of over 100 messages from the Council of Angels. The Council of Angels consists of Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zadkiel, and Archangel Uriel – as well as from the Pleiadians and Source Creator. This book includes these following higher dimensional topics:

• Adjusting to the Higher Dimensional Frequencies
• The Coming of Cities of Light
• The Santa Fe Galactic Command Center
• Releasing Karmic Patterns
• Reconnecting with Your Galactic Family of Origin
• Connecting with your Higher Self
• Raising your Frequency
• Building your Temple of Light in the 5th Dimension
• Intergalactic Relations
• The Abundance Programs
• Messages from Source
• About Star Channels
• About the Council of Angels
• Shifting to the 4th and 5th Dimensional Realities
• Healing and Teletransportation with the Golden Energy Ball
• Disconnecting from the Old Paradigm
• The New Earth
• The Merging of Time with the Higher Dimensions
• Time Travel
• The New Golden Age
• The Global Reset of all Systems in preparation for the Golden Age on Earth
• Unification with Your Higher Self
• Earth as a New intergalactic Society in the Thousand Years of Peace
• Connecting with your Higher Self
• Healing Across All Time and Space ~ Integration with Your Higher Self
• Unconditional Love and Being a Part of the Higher Dimensional New Earth Society
• Transitioning from the Old Reality & Shifting to 4D & 5D Realities
• Archangel Michael: The Separation of the Worlds
• Messages from Telos and Inner Earth
• You are a celestial being standing on the threshold of a New Golden Age
• Transformation with the Violet Flame
• Upgrading to a Multidimensional Operating System
• Dancing and Skipping Around the Edges of Time
• Discovering your Life’s Purpose
• Transformation to Crystalline Bodies and Telepathic Communication
• We Are the Trees ~ The Trees Speak through Goldenlight
• Transparency and Truth
• Higher Dimensional Technologies Part I: Pleiadian Healing Technologies
• Merging with your Higher Self creates your Multidimensional Self
• Higher Dimensional Technologies Part II: Free Energy Technology
• Goldenlight: 20 Things I’ve Learned
• World Financial, RV, GCR update & Tolec critical updates: imminent shift to 4D
• Being a Part of the Higher Dimensional New Earth Society
• Global Prosperity, Higher dimensional Life, and a Special Message from Source
• Transformation to Crystalline Bodies and Telepathic Communication
• An Intergalactic Homecoming Celebration for All
• Conversations with St. Germain on the RV
• Planetary Transition to Prosperity
• You are All One and Manifesting this Positive Reality and Global Prosperity NOW
• RV and GCR Symbolize Paradigm Transition from Service to Self to Service to All
• A New Asset-backed Currency with a Higher Dimensional Energy and Frequency
• The Transformation of Money through Alchemy
• BRICS-led coalition of world leaders raising their consciousness to focus on planetary harmony, peace, and well-being
• The End of Financial Tyranny Bringing Forth the Divine Light of the Golden Age
• Assimilating your physical bodies with the Higher Dimensional Frequencies
• The Raising of the Frequency of Money As We Enter The Golden Age
• Energetic and High Frequency Upgrades in Preparation for Ascension
• A Message About Abundance
• Message for A New Age
• 5th Dimensional Frequencies and the Cities of Light
• Higher Frequency Sounds ~ A sign you are shifting into the Higher Dimensions
• The Raising in Frequency and Transforming to Crystalline Structure of our Bodies at the Molecular Level
• Entering into a Higher Dimensional Frequency
• Multidimensional living
• Reality as a Hologram
• Parallel Realities
• Reuniting with your Star Families
• The Wisdom of your Higher Self

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