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If you have not yet made your first $100 online, let me show you the simplest way to make a couple of hundreds every month ...

How To Make Money Online Without a Website with No Money Down...
If you are tired of the hype of making quick money online scheme, the scams, and spending thousands of dollars on Internet marketing workshop with no returns, hear me out.

In 2008, I fired my boss and walked out of the corporation without a job. With a computer and Internet access, I was able to make a living online. There are many who tried and failed. They were sold to the promise of making lots of money quickly with very little work. The truth is, Internet Marketing, like any other business, takes work. If you are looking for the magic button, you won't find it here.

If you are hungry for success and you want to find a work-at-home income opportunity that really works, that is legitimate, that is free, I have good news for you.

I found the simple way to make money on Almost every day I get sales orders from fiverr.

Imagine what it is like to work at your own time, and earn a few hundreds every month to fund your studies, to have the extras to buy milk for your children, and to pay off the bill.

The economic times are hard. One job is never enough to make ends meet. It is wise to have a 2nd income stream. Here is your opportunity to learn how to make real money.

Don't Waste Your Time if..

I don't want to waste your time. If you are looking for a get rich quick program, this is not for you. If you are not prepared to put aside an hour a day to work on your Internet business, this is also not for you.

Internet Marketing is tough for Newbies

As an Internet marketer since 2008, I have explored many online business opportunities. CPA and PPC are too expensive to start; SEO takes too long to see result; Adsense are subjected to rules that are always changing. Copywriting takes years to master.

Is there an easier way to Make Money Online?

I have discovered that the easiest, fastest and simplest way for newbies to make money is through It may not make you super rich but if you want to make your first million, you have to start to make your first dollar, then your first $100 and scale from there.

Is Fiverr for You?

If you are new to making money online, or if you want to earn some extra money to supplement your income, let me show you the easiest work at home income opportunity that is newbie friendly. Anyone can do it.

Whether you are student looking to fund your studies or stay-at-home mom hoping to get extra funds to buy diapers and milk powder for your child, Fiverr can provide you a good source of passive income.

What is Fiverr? is a microjob site where anyone can sell almost anything from 5 to over 1 thousand bucks (see screenshot below). There are 117 services or products that you can sell. There is no joining fee. You don't need a website.

Can you really make money on Fiverr?

According to a survey by Fiverr, some 1,000 + people responded. 15% of the sellers have earn +$1,000, 27% have earned +$500 and 57% have earned +$100. 14% use Fiverr as their primary income source.

Why I Love Making Money on Fiverr

I love Fiverr. Create your product once and you can sell it many times over. It is a marketplace with lots of willing and ready and impulsive (for 5 bucks, buyers don't have to think hard and long) buyers, so marketing is optional. It is a fun project selling what I love. If I am busy, I can pause my service at any time. Fiverr is an excellent place to get leads, build your list, to upsell/cross sell, buy from Fiverr at a low price and sell it elsewhere for 10 x the price.

Why Sell on Fiverr?
No technical skill.
No cost
Free Hot Traffic in a busy market place
Fastest and Easiest way to make first sale compared to any other business models
Easiest way to earn Passive income
Leverage on your talent/skill. There 119 kinds of services listed on the site
It is Fun. Sell what you like.
No long working hours. Do at your own time. Do when you are free. Pause when you are busy.
No employees to manage. No boss to answer to.
Can you think of any online business with all the above benefits?

Selling $5 gigs may not seems a lot, but the daily trickles add up to a bucket of income. Remember, you can sell your gigs for hundreds or thousand dollars. It is not just a $5 marketplace.

I started making money on Fiverr in 2011 and since 2013 it hit a consistent 3-figure income every month. It takes me 5 to 15 minutes to deliver a $5 gig. Here are one screenshots of my accounts. I have many accounts.

The Problem..

Some of my newbie friends told me that they don't have much success with Fiverr. The reasons are: spending too much time to do the work, sell too few products or their products/services are not in demand.

Some of my friends spent thousands of dollars on Internet Marketing workshops but ended up lost in a sea of information overload, confused and not knowing where to start, and did not earn back their tuition fee.

I know of friends who are single moms trying to make ends meet, stay at home moms, caregivers, the unemployed.

All these led me to ask if there is a way for the average Internet newbie to make a living online, working at home part time even though they have little internet marketing skill. This brought me to create this  program.

Introducing EASY FIVERR CASH..
In this 20-lesson tutorial, you will learn:

* How to create a gig that sell
* What are the profitable gigs
* A sure way to double your sales to the same buyer
* How to get your first sale fast
* How to use Fiverr for lead generation
* How Not to get banned by Fiverr
* The formula to earn $1K a month

Sign up for the Easy Fiverr Cash program now and receive a 20-lesson tutorial (52 pages in a pdf file) immediately. You will receive a 58 slides.  You will  learn all you need to know to succeed on

This is the most comprehensive program about Fiverr you can ever find. This  program can changed your life if you take action now.

If you take action, you will have the knowledge to earn back this amount many times, every single month.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (965KB)
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