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RAJA'S DREAM: A Journey across Space and Time - by Soma AMRITAH

“WHY FATHER? WHY IS ONE NOT TO LOOK INTO RAJA’S EYES?” - Discover WHY through venturing beyond the bounds of Time and Space in the 3rd Edition of Soma Amritah’s classic work of fiction, now in print for 20 years. Fantasy, mystery, adventure - and science-fiction it seems - all merge into one tremendous and unpredictable story like none you have ever read before.

Original Back-Cover Description of ‘RAJA’S DREAM’: "In the depths of the past, in the village of an unknown land, the stranger arrived out of nowhere. He insisted that he came from ‘here’, yet everyone denied having seen him before. He spoke, yet all that he told of made no sense - people and places no-one knew, Gods that no-one had heard of previously. Then, just as suddenly as he had appeared, he disappeared into nowhere again. Years passed by, life carried on - to the village this wanderer did not return. But then, they began to happen, events that none could understand or explain. People gone missing for days on end, no hope left that they would be found. But when those who had vanished came back, each said “Raja, Raja . . . his Eyes!’, and not a word more, their sanity lost. It was then that the village remembered the eyes of the stranger, eyes with an unearthly look that could not be forgot. - Thus a young boy asks his father: “Why is one not to look into Raja’s eyes?” But the answer will not be enough and the boy must find out all for himself. ‘Raja’s Dream’ is no ordinary dream, and this story is no ordinary tale at all. - Dare you look into Raja’s eyes?"

About this Book: Originally published in 1998, this unique book has been through four separate editions and countless reissues. Now in print for twenty years ‘Raja’s Dream’ is ready to reach a new generation of readers. Coming to the screen too in a major motion picture adaptation, some will always prefer the the power of their own imagination and the film that this book creates in their own mind. It has inspired dozens of writers and is fast becoming a modern classic of the ‘extended novella’ form of fiction. Read some of the review quotes below to get an idea of how this has affected different readers.

The Testimony of Authors:
"A truly rare experience. I believed I had dreamt this ‘dream’ myself when I laid the volume down at the very end."  DAMIAN MILTON
"A work of visionary brilliance, like nothing I ever read before - I swore that I had watched a film, not read a book."  JAKOB SANDMAN
Amritah has created a 'RIP VAN WINKLE' for the New Millennium, something which I never thought would be possible."  KHAMIL AKHBAR
Just when I thought that a ‘different book’ would not come along I discover Soma Amritah’s ‘Raja’s Dream’ - one of the best books I have read this decade.”  ALDERSON SMITH
"It is a journey into the depths of the human psyche, travelling across the boundaries of time and taking us from a Universe of the known to one that is unknown ... and beyond reality."  SOMA AMRITAH

An Extract: "Despite further questions his father is unwilling to say any more about “the one called Raja”. He says that he has said all that he knows. Curiosity was the living death of his friend and he learnt then that there are boundaries to what we should ask about. Those who are over-curious receive just punishment for their curiosity. “I deserved the same, but the gods spared me so as I would have to remember”. It is obvious to the boy that his father will say no more to him now, though he is intent upon asking him".

From the Author of ‘AFTER THE FIRE’, ‘OUT OF THESE EYES’, THE LOST VERSE’ and ‘THE LOVE AND DEATH OF ADAPA’ comes this astounding work of modern fiction. If you are looking for something different that will take you to a different place - in your dreams as well as in your mind - then this is DEFINITELY the book for you!

Do you want to know WHY you are not to look into his Eyes? - then read ‘RAJA’S DREAM’ Now !

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