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The Sweetheart Horse (Ocala Horse Girls: Book 2)

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The Sweetheart Horse continues the story begun in The Project Horse, with Posey's friend Kayla in the starring role!

Kayla Moore came to Ocala in search of Mr. Right. Horse, that is. But following her dreams to the Horse Capital of the World hasn’t quite turned out the way she hoped. No accolades, no achievements, and even her job farm-sitting at a posh equestrian center is coming to an end with no prospects for the future. When she tries grooming for a show jumping hopeful, the last thing she needs is an insult from some handsome up-and-comer on a gorgeous horse.

Scratch that, the last thing she needs is to share a house and a barn with him.

Kayla is thrilled when her farm-sitting job gets an unexpected extension, and she can’t believe her luck when the owners offer her the ride on a new horse as partial payment. Feather is exactly the kind of talented jumper she needs to make it to the next level. But when they also present her with a house-mate — the attractive and arrogant Basil Han — she realizes this sweetheart deal comes with serious strings.

Stick out six months with Basil in the house and concentrate on training her new horse? Should be a cinch . . . but it turns out Basil isn’t going to be easy to ignore. This elegant equestrian has a soft touch in the saddle that makes Kayla feel swoony, and when it turns out he’s harboring a strange secret, she’s too intrigued to stay on her side of the house.

The Sweetheart Horse is a light-hearted and fun-loving enemies-to-lovers romp through Ocala’s equestrian scene, with some unexpected characters along the way! The perfect read for beach days, rainy evenings, or when you just want to escape reality for a while.

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Jennifer W.

11 months ago

The Sweetheart Horse

I was given an advance copy of this book, but was not compensated in any way. The following is an unbiased review. I love being on the ARC team for this series because I don't have to wait longer to get my "greedy little hands" on this author's newest work! I enjoyed the first book, The Project Horse, but liked The Sweetheart Horse even better. In the Sweetheart Horse we get a more in depth story surrounding Kayla, who is determined to make her own way in the world, without her parents providing a financial safety net for her. The owners of the mansion she has been staying at rent free, in return for horse care duties, have offered Kayla a beautiful green broke horse in lieu of payment for her work caring for their horses and managing their horse facility. What she doesn't expect is that she will have to share the house with Basil, a handsone, arrogant, high level show jumping athlete, who is hired to ride and exercise the owner's grand prix level dressage horses, while the owners are away on an extended vacation.

Kayla suspects that her employers and Basil might be involved in a shady pyramid horse sale scheme and she is tested as she has to decide whether she can trust the man she us falling in live with. While this can be read as a stand alone novel I would recommend reading " The Project Horse" first.

can't wait to read the next installment in all of this author's

Barbara S.

Verified Buyer

11 months ago

Another Wonderful OHG Character

I love how Natalie intertwines her characters from her various books. When I start one of her books it's a combination of catching up with old friends and getting to know a previously casual acquaintance. Natalie's books are a joy to read because she has truly "been there and done that" in the horse world.

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