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How To WIN Today: Paraphrased Verses from the Holy Bible for Your Daily Survival

Life is tough. We are living on a planet where unexpected things could happen at any moment. Every day, we are all dealing with our own realities -from happiness to loneliness, from prosperity to bankruptcy, from togetherness to singleness, from victory to defeat. Name it!

Overwhelmed with doubts and fears, ramble questions might cross your mind: Can I still make it? Can I still get there -to where God wants me to be? Can I still reach my dreams and goals? Can I still make my parents proud? Can I still send my children to college? Can I still be the person I imagined for myself more than 5 or 10 years ago?

The simplest answer is: Yes. It’s that simple. However, your discouragements, disappointments, pains, or whatever horrible situation you’re facing right now will put this “SIMPLE YES” into complexity.

So, what’s next? Are you going to blame God? Are you going to walk away from Him and try to search for solutions on your own?

This super-thin book might help to get through from your horrible situation today. There is no other counsel that could penetrate to the deepest part of our heart than a guidance which is rooted by the Scriptures. Regardless of your circumstances, I tell you, you will WIN.

Win Today!

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