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Collection of JAVA Interview Questions for Beginners and Freshers

Collection of JAVA Interview Questions for Beginners and Freshers

No of Pages: 85; No of Questions: 172+

Questions Inside JAVA EBOOK

Question Inside Book?

1)   What is Java?

2)   What is a platform?

3)   What is the Java platform?

4)   When to use java?

5)   Where to write this Java?

6)   Why only eclipse they chosen for java?

7)   What is the latest version of the eclipse?

8)   What is API?

9)   When we can call any language(like Java) is a programming language?

10) When the Java is released?

11) How many versions are there in Java?

12) How to develop software?

13) What is language? How many types of languages are there?

14) What is a Programming language?

15) What is a scripting language?

16) What is the front end?

17) What is the back end?

18) When to use Scripting languages and when to use Programming languages?

19) What is a compiler? Why it came in to picture?

20) What is an interpreter?

21) How to develop this compiler and interpreter?

22) Total How many programming languages are there?

23) How to build software?

24) What is the aim of developing the Java language?

25) What is the Desktop/ Standalone application?

26) What technologies will support to build the Desktop/ Standalone application?

27) What is Web application?

28) What technologies use to develop this application?

29) What is the server?

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Basic Core JAVA Interview Questions for Beginners, Fresher, and experience.  For More Info visit, fdaytalk

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