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KTK Alchemy Wellness Planner

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Keeping on top of your self-care is one of the biggest acts of self-love. It's time to prioritise your emotional and spiritual wellness.

This is all about nourishing your soul If you have personal goals, financial goals and bucket-lists etc, I would suggest you utilise another planner for that. Everything in this planner is about commiting to self, commiting to you-time and holding your self to account as well as evidencing your self care. At the start of each month, take some time to fill out the respective calendar, scheduling in self-care rituals you would ike to achieve - and commit to them! This could include anything from massages, duvet days, chakra work or sessions with an energy healing practitioner. It's as simple as that!

If you're into manifesting and working with the moon, there's some helpful info. Understanding the celestial energies you are being influenced by will help you to properly plan which activities to do and when. It's also a good idea to work with the seasons. How you honour each season is up to you. But the more you slow down and observe nature, the more you will see yourself reflected back.

In this planner you will find a series of pages that will help you organise, structure and monitor your self-care for each month.

Monthly reflections gives you space to look forward and back at each month.

Ritual planner will push you to plan morning, evening and weekend rituals that will support your month ahead. These may stay the same for each month, or you may need to adapt them to ensure your spiritual and emotional needs are being met with what you have going on.

Self-care planner commit to some activities for each month. What self-care looks like for each of us will vary, but this could include therapy, beauty treatments, massages, Goddess bath etc. Remember, it doesn't have to cost you any money at all. Once you have scheduled it, do it!

Dark Moon shadow work a journal prompt to use on each Dark Moon to clear things that are in your heart preventing your spiritual and emotional growth.

Full and New Moon ritual planner use this to plan how you will work with each moon.

There are also pages to help you track your sleep, meditation, exercise, reading and other habits.
You will get a PDF (30MB) file

KTK Alchemy Crystal Keeper Log book PLUS crystal attunement meditation